Oh Kiddan!

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Hi! I am Pushpit, DESI at heart,
Punjabi for life and an Engineer by profession.
Into Photography, Dramatics, Music, Dhol, Bhangra, Sufism, Rock Music.
Proud procrastinator, social networking addict.
For the rest.. ask me ;)

My friend, I am not sure if you’re being ignorant or I am. You talk as if Sikhs and Muslims are enemies for life. Do you really call yourself a Sikh if you have that ideology?

What are kings known for? Battles? What have battles been for? Land? Power? Am I right?
So let me quote something:
” After conquering Multan, Punjab, in 1818 and Kashmir in 1819, Ranjit Singh led his legions across the Indus and took the Afghan strongholds of Dera Ghazi Khan in 1820 and Dera Ismail Khan in 1821. Alarmed, the Afghans called for a jehad under the leadership of Azim Khan Burkazi, the ruler of Kabul”. Nadir Shah was defeated by Ranjit Singh. Abdali was Nadir’s successor. See a correlation here?

Now I am not trying to advocate or support what Abdali did to Sikhs. I know they forced Hindus and Sikhs into Islam and that is wrong but then I also wanna say that not all Muslims are like that.

You talk of Gurus and Sahibzadas. Tell me something, if Guru Arjan Dev Ji wanted, would it have been tough to fight back? NO! But he still surrendered to god’s will, because he had seen god himself.

If you say all the Muslims are same, all wrong as you suggest, and from your words I also feel like you’re saying all Sikhs are good, right?
Spoiler alert! ‘Bhindaranwale’ and ‘Gen. Brar’ were both Sikhs but both opposite, who was right and who was wrong? Aren’t all Sikhs like that wrong one? It’s easy to generalize, isn’t it?! I know Sikhs who are Amritdhari and still believe in casteism!!

My grandparents saw the time of partition. Being a delihite, my dad saw the 1984 massacre as well, it had always been both sides involved.

Try to think big, stay blessed.

P.S.: This is a very generic answer, lacks facts and I am using my phone to answer all this and I am sleepy. So please excuse me if my answer isn’t satisfactory enough for you.


I guess now you would see what my answer is.


and then satan said “here, have feelings”

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