Oh Kiddan!

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Hi! I am Pushpit, DESI at heart,
Punjabi for life and an Engineer by profession.
Into Photography, Dramatics, Music, Dhol, Bhangra, Sufism, Rock Music.
Proud procrastinator, social networking addict.
For the rest.. ask me ;)

I hope you’re learning great morals and things from your mom as she teaches you, even in the smallest of things and talks she does with you.

I also hope we have the great taste in music because there would be times when we might be just tired of talking or run out of things to say, then we would just lie in the bed, next to each other, listening to ‘our kind’ of music or maybe even dancing to it. I would love singing for you if you would like it.

I also hope you learn how to cook cause I am a great foodie and you might also have heard the saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

More than anything, I pray that you are a believer and whenever I feel down and out of order, you’ll just rub my back and say positive things, that strengthen my belief on god.

I would try to take the best care of you.

I would try my best to be that husband, who would make your father proud, that he made the right decision by choosing me for you.

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